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Notebook for business users
Saturday, February 5, 2011- By   (0)Comments

Notebook is a fantastic business tool, especially since modern businesses requires global accessibility which means, for many, a lot of travel.

The notebook is designed to provide optimum technical performance whilst being compact, transportable and user friendly. However, the intended use of the device will affect which type is right for you. Many people are surprised to find that the notebook of their choice does not quite work to their advantage as expected. If used solely for business then the device chosen needs to be able to deal with a high level of information, produce reports, have internet access and be compact and portable. These are standard features, but the shape, size and built in attachments can affect the productivity. The notebook is only an effective tool if it meets the requirements of its user.

If the notebook needs to be mobile for business trips then weight is certainly an issue. The larger the screen chosen then the larger the device in general. This will make the item heavier and more difficult to transport. Decide whether the screen size is really an issue. If you use the notebook for presentations, it is unlikely that these will be presented direct from it. It can be linked up to a screen for better viewing, requiring only the addition of a video output jack. For personal use, a smaller 12 to 14 inch screen should be more than sufficient, and will certainly keep the weight to a minimum. It will also make it more compact and so much easier to transport; especially on aircraft.

Many people are unaware that an inbuilt CD/DVD system also increases the weight of the notebook dramatically. This is an important feature only if the device is used for games and watching films, but if not then this can be an unnecessary requirement. A business only notebook could be purchased without this feature inbuilt, making it much lighter and therefore more portable. The DVD writer can be bought as an attachment, which can then be left behind when surplus to requirements.

Another important issue to note is that notebook relies on a battery and that its size and usage needs to be taken into consideration. If the device is used for business and needs to have information transported regularly through travel, then it is best to choose one that states it is for `mobile` use somewhere in its description. All notebooks are designed to be mobile, but the notebook stating it is for mobile use will use less power. This means that the device will preserve your battery for longer. This also means that it will produce less heat, making it even more business user friendly.

A final option for the business notebook user is a sub-notebook. These are provided with most of the extras detachable so that you can leave them at home when not required. They are much smaller and lighter, and the screen is very small. This makes the keyboard very small also, but increases the portability a great deal. Of course, this is only a viable option if the size does not affect the functionality of the it.

When selecting a notebook, the choices made are personal. However, it is worth considering the information given above so that you can make an informed choice and save disappointment later.

This article is under GNU FDL license and can be distributed without any previous authorization from the author. However the author's name and all the URLs (links) mentioned in the article and biography must be kept.

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